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are you 'stressed out', feeling discouraged,
  a little overwhelmed by life's every-day set-backs?
    are you struggling to reclaim some clarity and equilibrium
      … but haven't found the help and advice you need?

We help clients who want to regain their sense of confidence and fulfilment. Whether you're a harried young dad, a newly single professional, or someone barely coping with a soul-sapping job or relationship, you worry ... that life is passing you by. Sometimes you're not sure you can make it through tomorrow. Like many of our clients you may be feeling more emotional than normal - strangely downhearted, persistently irritated. Suddenly you're noticing (and starting to stress about) unsettling physical symptoms (racing heartbeat, tension headaches) … and you worry that it's all somehow connected. You know it's time to do something … but you're wondering what. How to reclaim your previous calm and self-assurance?

We've got good news. Having a fulfilling and stimulating life is not just a lucky accident of fate. We've helped hundreds of clients overcome their tension and discouragement, and move from pain to power … and we can do the same for you.

Consultant and therapist, Jim Giesbrecht understands the complex nature of unresolved stress and anxiety. In his own career and relationships (30+year marriage) he has dealt with many of the same disappointments and setbacks that his clients encounter. From personal experience and from helping clients much like you, he knows how to achieve resolution and on-going confidence.

Jim will give you the emotional support and strategies that you need to move forward. He takes great pride in helping all his clients to attain personal fulfilment through self-reliance.

Jim holds a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology and is a Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC). With 30+ years of experience as an educator, businessperson, and therapist, he brings a broad base of knowledge and life-skills to his work with clients.

Jim works with clients from the B.C. lower mainland at his office in Riverport (Richmond, B.C.),

Learn more about Jim.


"Jim will tell you the truth - calmly, often humorously - but the truth, just the same. Thanks, Jim for helping me let go of an emotionally empty relationship. I now focus on friends that support me."
- Wendy C. (Richmond, B.C.)

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